Saturday, January 16, 2016

Super. Fast. Right. Now.

I was right to think that things would happen so quickly after accepting a position as a NYC Teaching fellow. I was wrong, however, that I would actually have time (or energy...or non laziness) to write while everything was happening!

My first year of teaching is done and it really did fly by. So many things happened and since I sucked at reporting on all of the unfolded events of the last year, I would like to provide an update on some my life super fast right now: 

In 2014, I joined the NYC Teaching Fellowship, started graduate school at St. John's University, and began working as an English teacher in a small transfer high school in Canarsie Brooklyn. A transfer school is an alternative school that helps over-aged and under-credited students graduate. We all deserve chances to change in this life and no matter how hard it is to teach and to motivate students, I love my job. Another cool thing about my school is that it's a blended learning school, meaning each student works at their own pace with an online curriculum that I create.

In 2015, Logan and I found out that we were having a baby! We are expecting a girl in February of 2016. Thoughts of babies, building a family, becoming a better (and balanced) teacher have taken up most of 2015. Logan also got a really cool job as a parent coach in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He gets to work with families and their babies on helping them become nurturing parents.

2016 just started and I'm teaching until my due date. The future is an exciting thing to think about. I wonder how it will all play out and when my next blog post will be...duhn duhn duhn!

Happy New Year!