Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the Garden

I wandered into the garden on Sunday, past the chickens and the ropes that keep them away from the vegetables. In the distance was my little host brother, Vanya in his body jacket!

The neighbor passed us some fresh-picked raspberries over the fence. The last of the string beans needed to be picked so I put on some gloves (it's getting pretty cold now) and gathered the frozen beans while my host mother uprooted some plants and placed them around the trees in the garden--as compost, but also to protect the roots of the trees during the winter. The seeds from the dried pods will be used next year, when they are ready to be planted in April or May.

The two things I hope to have when we get to our sites are a kitchen and a garden. I definitely want to grow some cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and berries. And basil. I miss basil. And Italian-American food, though my host mom is an excellent cook. Logan and I plan to cook on Thanksgiving for our family.  Any recipes are welcome! Logan wants sweet potatoes and marshmallows. I'm craving mushroom sausage stuffing...maybe with Kilbasa, of course.

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