Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year, readers! I hope the dragon treats you well and brings you exciting adventures in 2012. I should add that I hope these exciting new adventures do not include the end of the world. The dragon doesn't make promises, though. I can promise you that the new year will bring me fireworks. All. Year. Long. Sparklers out the windows of apartment buildings. M80s exploding in the streets. Tiny sparkles of crackling lights falling from beneath the heavens. The angels will sing all year long because Ukraine loves fireworks!

In the States, the Fourth of July is probably the biggest holiday for fireworks. I remember spreading a blanket on the grass in Otisville awaiting a very strategically planned sensory attack of fire and light. Summer is the season for night lights like that. Even in Brooklyn, from the building tops, you would hear the echo of an occasional firework—which could have also occasionally been a gunshot, but we won't go there (too late). Anyway…

Last night, in the town square in my small city of Melitopol, there were fireworks everywhere to welcome the New Year. There was a main display, but (this is my favorite part) there were also renegades setting up their own smaller displays trying to compete. Fireworks were everywhere, moving and whistling in each and every way. It was also a misty night which gave the sky an eerie glow. Walking home, I could hear explosions in the distance and see only a faint glow, like heat lightning over the mountains on a summer night.

I shouldn't say summer if I have not yet been through Winter in Ukraine, but I can't wait for summer…and to report on the firework status then. And the cherries! Oh, the cherries.

Have a Happy! Here are some Happy New Year Pics:
This Santa looked at me and said, "Oh baby!" and then he looked at Logan and said, "Oh bobby!"

Tree in the mist at the town square!

Smoke and sparklers everywhere!

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