Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Last Bell

We celebrated the last bell on Friday, 24 May. I realized it was my last last bell in Ukraine and so I took a lot of photos, to document and to remind me later. Every great moment felt like saying goodbye, even though we still have seven months left. However, time does not pass in a normal way when you are a Peace Corps Volunteer. I know that seven months will transform into 7 days, into 7 seconds before take off back to America. I've got to stock up on my memory capital. Here's some I'd like to share with you:

Old School Uniforms and Dance
This metaphor is very popular in Ukraine
Setting up the table for eating, drinking, and drinking.
Back at the Liman, smell of fish and salt
Ladies of the Liman 

Three small swallows and a giant falling
We are the tide coming in 
Pioneer Boy lost his hand in battle
Tra la la-ing in the forest
My Manfairy
Congratulations 11th formers on graduating!
Congratulations School 16 for finishing a wonderful year!


  1. Damn, got any of that man fairy left for me?

    1. Yea, but you have to come and get it!!!!!!