Sunday, August 18, 2013

Resurrection of the Written Word

Maybe, my dear readers, you remember my post from April (don't feel guilty if you don't; I hardly remember myself) about how I was writing poetry non-stop. At one point it was oozing out of my ears and I wondered if I should call a doctor until I found a homemade remedy instead--in the form of about 15 rejection letters from online and print poetry journals. However, one little fish managed to break free from the rejection net!

It's a flash fiction story called Native Phantom, and it was published in The Literary Bohemian in June. You can find it here, in the postcard prose section of this pretty Web site. It's my first story published since The Fonthill Dial, Mount Saint Vincent's literary journal that seems to have fizzled out of existence.

I've taken a break from poetry, sort of by accident, and will attempt to re-read and re-edit some of my work and try try try to submit again soon. Most of the rejections I received were boilerplate, but some were really helpful and offered some encouraging words or advice. Let the resurrection begin.


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  1. Nice, Kerry! When I saw the picture of the inside of an old car, I definitely thought this post was going to be about the misadventures of Logan & Kerry, driving around the Ukraine countryside, and living out of that dilapidated car!