Monday, July 11, 2011

Flash Forward Summer

I'm going to open my eyes and suddenly, the summer will be gone and Logan and I will be on our way to Ukraine. There is still so much planning to do and my life is flashing before my eyes. I realize this happens as you get older; all your friends get busy, you get busy, and you have to plan everything out perfectly. Your life starts to be defined by a series of tasks, events, and milestones. Maybe it's also how you stay grounded. Maybe I'd be flying around like a goose if I didn't sit down and plan things out.

Logan and I have been super busy trying to raise money for our Peace Corps fundraiser. We're leaving mid-September for Ukraine and we need to raise enough money to pay the minimum balance on our loans while we're away (Sallie Mae is trying to ruin my life). We've made prints out of linoleum blocks and some handbound and illustrated poetry books by yours truly. I want to thank everyone that has made a purchase on our etsy site! I am not amazed by the kindness of others because there are so many good people out there. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by them. Thank you for your support!

I also want to thank Smiling Tree Toys for writing about our mission on their blog! They make these beautiful wooden toys for children. (My favorite is the balancing one.)

Alright, I just blinked and now it's time to leave for work. I bet I'll blink again and be home making more prints!

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