Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raising Funds with Art

A few months ago, I became a machine. An ultimate book binding, block printing, and writing machine. Hand-bound poetry books were sewed and scored. Linoleum blocks were carved and printed. Fingers were stabbed and pricked, all in an effort to open up my very first etsy fundraising shop!  Logan and I are trying to sell some art to raise funds for our Peace Corps mission. 
Check out my salty city sardines on Etsy!
So far, it's been really fun and we've sold some original artwork and poetry, but I'm not really keen on how to promote the shop. How many times can I update my facebook status to tell people that "it's not too late to buy some of our stuff"? I feel like a little beggar! Feel free to check out the shop, here, and Let me know what you think. It's my first time opening up an etsy shop and my first time trying to raise funds for a personal (but good) cause. I welcome any and all feedback...Are things too expensive? Do you have any suggestions, or even requests for specific prints I should make? Am I just a poor little beggar boo?

I'll be putting more stuff on the shop, soon. I have officially moved upstate to spend time with friends and family before I go abroad for who knows how long. Once I set up a little art studio, I will work on my next couple of projects: an illustrated children's book and a picture book about an evil mermaid. Stay tuned.

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