Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moldovan Valentine Wine

On Valentines Day, I traveled to Kiev and Moldova with a number of Peace Corps Volunteers to take the first step towards fixing our Ukrainian Visas. After 22 train hours and 28 bus hours, I was back in my little city of Melitopol.  Here are some pictures and a few words about my Moldovan adventure.
I should have posted these a while ago so things could have been fresh in my mind. I was lazy and I'm still lazy now because it's middle March and so many things have happened that I haven't written about. I'll try to recap things in my next post. But y'all know you like looking at pictures!

Finally, after sleeping a bit on the bus, I woke up, took a quick classic (and obligatory) shot of my fellow sleeping bus riders, and looked out the window to admire the rolling hills and sparkling snow in Moldova.

History Museum of Moldova: Doors to World War II.

History Museum of Moldova: Logan's War

History Museum of Moldova: Battle Scene

St. Volodomir Cathedral: Swept Steps

St. Volodomir Cathedral: Frankincense and Light

St. Volodomir Cathedral: Admiration

St. Volodomir Cathedral: Frankincense II  

Placinta (Meat Pie) and Vareniky in Moldova.


Me, as a red-headed well-balanced Moldovan Wine.

Man trapped in wine bottle. SOS. 

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