Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pinkish Haze All in My Brain

My dearest U.S. of A, why didn't you say anything to me about International Women's Day? You left it up to Wikipedia to tell me that it started on your soil and is now celebrated by women (and men) all over the world EXCEPT in the United States? I'm disappointed. I'm also disappointed that I didn't do some kind of
women's rights seminar or something. My woman's day was filled with dancing, bonding with my female colleagues, watching wonderful performances by my students at School 16, and watching some of the AFI's top 100 films "of all time." 

I have a confession to make, though--I used the fact that it was woman's day to not do something. I asked Logan to do all the shopping for dinner that night so I could relax and sit like any normal woman would sit on the couch. But, if I wasn't being so womanly on the couch, I wouldn't have missed an interesting site on the streets of Melitopol. Apparently, there was a pinkish haze, like a fog, hovering in the air. When I asked Logan what it smelled like, he said "It didn't smell right." Anyways, a few days later, a student of Logan's said that he wasn't feeling well because of a strange radiation cloud/sand/storm that hit the city. Yikes.

So, what do I get for abusing my womanly powers on woman's day? Well, I tell you what I don't get. I don't get to become the womanly mutant super hero of all our womanly dreams because I missed out on that pinkish haze. I haven't lost all hope, though. Let's just say my kids are going to be awesome...and 10 times better than x-men.

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  1. It's the same all over, though Czech haze doesn't seem to be irradiated so much as smell of burning garbage.