Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Budapragna Triangle: A Day in Vienna

If you could only do one thing in Vienna, it should be to go to the Schonbrunn Palace. It took my breath away. It was the summer home of the Hapsburgs and Logan kept reminding us of this fact when looking at the massive gardens "summer home," gorgeous fountains "summer home," obelisks "summer home," and gold plated whatevers. Summer home. The guided audio tour was great, but I don't even have a word to describe how I felt when I looked out towards the Gloriette. I felt like a little kid running through the maze trying to find the center...and then I felt like an oldie when all the kids whizzed past me and made it to the center and back before I could remember if I had been down that way before or not.

We only had a day and a half in Vienna, but we made sure to eat and explore the Naschmarkt, drink some coffee, eat some schnitzel, listen to opera in the park and pretend that passersby were actually acting out dramatic scenes, and drool all over the Hapsburg's summer home. Here are some photos.

You can link to the other Budapragna Triangle cities, here: Budapest and Prague.

At Sigmund Freud Park

Front of the Hapsburg Museum
Looking towards Gloriette


Logan the miser with his (heavy) bag of coins

At the Naschmarkt

Junk piles at the Naschmarkt

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