Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Budapragna Triangle: Prague

We woke up disoriented from the overnight bus from Budapest. The whole ride felt like dreamy haze featuring pristine gas stations lit in green and immaculate food displays with plastic-looking croissants. The layout of Prague's street's didn't help. We were lost, trying to decipher which way was North. Not being able to see where the sun was because of the tall building made it impossible. It was 6:45am and I was secretly amused by our situation. I was happy just wandering and waiting for Prague to reveal more of itself to me--Show me all the beautiful things!!! But we had to find them for ourselves.

Walking through the center, I shamelessly craned my neck upwards towards the sky to get a better look at the architecture. At first glance, and from far away, it's beautiful and impressive, but when you look closely, it's a little creepy. Especially the decaying blackened arm hanging inside the Saint Johns Church. Apparently, a man tried to steal from the church and they chopped off his arm and left it as an example for others. I stole some photos there. My arms are still in tact.

We took a day trip to Plzen, the birthplace of Pilsner Beer, and went on a pretty cool brewery tour which let us explore the underground beer tunnels. Due to lack of funds, we made our own two-bar bar crawl in Zizkov, a city outside of the center. Our first official stop, where we got our first beer (and more), was called Kenny's Island. You should check this place out if you like surprises. Next (and last) stop was at Budvar, where an old man who had eight beers, sang and played a stringed instrument while his friends did the same.

Some photos below, for you (and for me the next time I reminisce about this beautiful city and pink castle sunsets).

Links to Part 1 and 3 of The Budapragna Triangle: Budapest and Vienna

View from a tower.

The synagogue that was surprisingly not destroyed by Hitler. Our guide told us it
was because he wanted to make a museum of a lost race here. Very scary.

Disney castle in the distance! This is up on a hill near our hostel in Zizkov. It was a pretty cool lively area that reminded me a little bit of an eclectic Brooklyn neighborhood.

The underground beer tunnels. Brrrr.


View of the brewery.

Post brewery tour map

Logan admiring mountain men.

If you listen carefully, you can hear them playing...

Apostles spinning on the hour. Quote from the crowd:
"I wonder when this thing going to go off..."
"Um, on the hour like every other clock in the world, Martin!"

Vladislav Hall at the Royal Palace

Charles Bridge. Prague is beautiful, but I'm glad we stayed
 outside of the center. There are so many people!

Last point on the triangle: Vienna for a day

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